Hickory Veterinary Hospital


A 24/7 Facility

2303 Hickory Road
Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462



Our continued goal is to deliver the highest quality of veterinary medicine to our patients. We serve the needs of our clients and their pets and assist with all the advantages of a full service veterinary facility.

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Founded in 1956 as a team of professionals committed to excellence in animal care, we have been an AAHA Accredited Traditional Hospital since 1970 and in 2014 became an AAHA Accredited Referral Specialty Hospital.

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Facility Features and Special Procedures

Hickory Veterinary Hospital specializes in some of the most advanced procedures in the area.

  • Evening and Sunday appointments
  • Central treatment room for observation
  • Intensive Care – 24 hours/day
  • Isolation Facilities
  • Same day blood results
  • Blood pressure determination
  • CT Scans daily
  • Rehabilitation
  • Dentistry
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Ophthalmology is the branch of medicine which deals with the anatomy, physiology and diseases of the eye.
Animals suffer from eye problems that are similar to those which affect humans. While early ocular disease and minor conditions can be managed appropriately by your pet’s primary care veterinarian, more serious conditions like blindness, glaucoma, eyelid defects, retinal degeneration or ocular tumors may need the expertise of a veterinary ophthalmologist. Improved ocular health results in improved quality of life for pets and their human families. We are dedicated to providing outstanding service to our clients while assuring the very best of care for their pets. Our board-certified ophthalmologist, Dr. Seth Koch has advanced training and years of experience with ophthalmic diagnosis and treatment.
Ophthalmology Diagnostics and Treatments include:
•    Comprehensive ophthalmic examinations;
•    Canine Eye Registry Foundation (CERF) exams
•    Medical management of all ocular diseases
•    Chondrectomy for everted cartilage
•    Evisceration & Prosthesis
•    Ectopic cilia/lid surgery
•    Conjunctival flap/graft
•    Entropion/lid surgery
•    Cytology
•    Enucleation
•    Glaucoma treatment
•    Distichiasis/lid surgery
•    Corneal laceration repair
•    Corneoconjunctival transposition
•    Grid Keratotomy; Superficial Keratectomy