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Veterinary Technician Externships

Veterinary Technician Externship
Program Protocol

The first handout is the Hickory Veterinary Hospital Technician Externship Program informational sheets. This handout would be packaged in separate folders and mailed or dropped off at Harcum College, Manor College or any other affiliated veterinary technician schools whose veterinary technician students would be interested in interviewing with us for an externship program.

This handout contains the following:

  • Our mission statement
  • Hospital operations
  • Personal appearance rules
  • Client and patient confidentiality
  • Cell phone policy
  • Social media/networking policy
  • Employee parking
  • Personnel records, information and forms guidelines

Attached to the introduction handout are the guidelines of tasks and responsibilities that will be observed during the students’ externship.

It consists of two sections.

First section is evaluation of general responsibilities.

  • Attendance and punctuality
  • Adaptability
  • Communication
  • Professionalism
  • Job Knowledge
  • Work Habit
  • Work quality/productivity
  • Safety

Second sections are technician skills by department.

  • Outpatient tasks
  • Inpatient/ER/Critical Care tasks
    • Additional list for a more advanced/seasoned technician
  • Surgical Tasks
    • Additional list for a more advanced/seasoned technician
  • Hospital Ward Tasks

We would interview the students for the externship program. After selecting the student or students for the program, we would discuss a schedule that would allow the student to shadow a senior technician during their rotations. The student would be given a packet with the following information.

1) A check list with daily, weekly and monthly responsibilities. This list has detail listing of basic housekeeping duties that will show the student locations of products, importance of cleanliness and overall care of the hospital.

2) A final assessment letter to be completed by the employer/supervisor and returned to the program director or assistant program director at the end of the completed externship. The guidelines lists attached to the introduction handout would be filled out as well and submitted with this final assessment letter. It can be reviewed with the student at the discretion of the employer/supervisor as deemed necessary or faxed/emailed to the director /assisting director directly.

This would complete the externship program for the student. We may offer an opportunity to be employed at Hickory Veterinary Hospital if the student is interested and if we feel they qualify for the position available.

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