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International & Interstate Pet Travel Information

We understand that traveling can be fun, exciting and at times stressful. International and Interstate pet travel requires some pre planning before we can help get you on your way. We appreciate your trust in our hospital to help facilitate your upcoming travel inside or outside of the continental United States. Each country and state have their own individual requirements and forms that will need completing prior to travel.

You are ultimately responsible for researching thoroughly and knowing what is needed for your pet's travel


  • Plan far in advance!
  • Confirm your pet is eligible for travel to and from your destination country.
  • Check with your airline/train/boat to make sure your pet can travel - some do not accept certain breeds.
  • Check website resources for specific pet entry to country/state you are traveling to and re-entry requirements from the country/state back to USA, if you are planning to return from out of country.


Hickory Veterinary and Specialty Hospital can help facilitate all the veterinary services that you need for travel such as:

  • Updating Vaccines
  • FAVN Rabies Titer blood work and/or other required laboratory testing
  • Implanting, Scanning and confirming Microchip
  • Parasite preventative application and/or administration
  • Health Certificate exams with completed certificate
  • Other veterinary services necessary

There are sections of the legal paperwork that needs to be completed by owner. Please make sure to follow those guidelines for a smooth transition to your new home or vacation destination.


  • Provide HVSH with up to date, correct information for travel certificates at earlies possible date, including:
    1. Correct Client and Pet names
    2. Current address
    3. Contact phone numbers
    4. Destination Address
    5. Up to date medical records
    6. Up to date and past vaccines certificates (be sure microchip numbers on any certificate match exactly)
    7. Testing results and/or travel documents not performed at HVSH
  • Research and understand requirements needed for international or interstate travel for your pet. Including reviewing the USDA requirements for the country, state or location you are traveling to. Requirements can change without notice!
  • Communicate what services you need and when (example: microchip needs to be scanned or implanted prior to rabies vaccines if additional rabies vaccine is required)
  • Determining logistics, timelines and deadlines
    1. Timing of flights/train/boat - most countries and traveling agencies require pet travel exam and USDA endorsement done within a specific number of days before departure or arrival date.
    2. Timing of health certificate exam, any required testing, vaccines, etc
    3. Timing of paperwork submission (rabies certificates, health certificates, import forms, etc)
    4. Timing of payment submission
  • Completing Dog/Cat import forms if required (notarized and submitted on time)
  • Obtaining USDA Endorsement on certificates and forms within the time frame required


  • Each state has their own requirements for animal travel/moving into the state. These rules are in place to protect the animal population of the state and to ensure that pets traveling into a state that has a safe and healthy environment.
  • Please visit the USDA website for state specific requirements
  • Check with your airline/train/boat as they may have different requirements for each state destination.
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