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Dog Grooming at Hickory Pet Inn 

Are you looking for our Grooming Agreement? Check it out here

Grooming Services

Our grooming team is proud to offer the following services for our canine clients: 

  • breed specific grooms 
  • puppy cuts (shave downs)
  • bath and brush/blow outs
  • tidy ups
  • nail trims
  • nail dremmel services 

At this time we will not be offering anal gland expression or ear plucking. 


We do require that all dog grooming clients are up to date on the following: 

  • Distemper
  • Rabies
  • Bordetella 
  • Canine Influenza

We will require proof of vaccination to be confirmed prior to the client's appointment date. Should you need to schedule an appointment to update your dog's vaccinations, please contact Hickory Veterinary & Speciality Hospital

Ready to schedule your dog's grooming appointment? Call us or email us at [email protected].

Additional Grooming Information

Medical/Therapeutic Groom

A medical or therapeutic groom is needed to help treat an underlining medical concern due to unmanaged coat, ears or nails. This type of grooming is done with the supervision of a veterinarian and performed by an experienced technician. 

Medical/therapeutic grooms are not fancy cuts or trims.  We offer medical grooms for pets who have difficulty keeping up with their grooming due to arthritis, obesity (unable to reach area on their body), chronic infections, and discomfort that would prevent their owners from doing the grooming for them. Grooming your pet can mean anything from brushing its fur, giving baths, cleaning ears, and trimming nails. Regular grooming will help you detect small problems before they become larger ones.  Some unforeseen circumstances can cause set backs on basic grooming maintenance and we are here to help.

The Geriatric or Painful Patient

It is not uncommon for an elderly pet to come to us with mats on their ears, paws, and rear end. The inability to reach these areas can be difficult and painful for them. We understand the difficulty an owner can have trying to brush a pet and having the pet express pain. The attention to pain control and gentle grooming can be done by the experienced technician staff. A plan is discussed with the veterinarian and proper care is taken when approaching this type of groom. 

Chronic Infections

Pets with chronic infections of the skin, ears or paws may have sensitivities as well. It is a normal reaction not to want to cause pain to the pet we consider family when trying to treat these infections. Pets who scratch constantly at their ears or chew their paws can cause mats and irritation.   At times removing excess hair from ear canals are necessary for medication to reach necessary areas. Mats cause abrasions and as the hair twists and pulls the skin it causes pain and discomfort. Fleas and ticks can embed in unkept coats making it difficult for proper parasite prevention and control. The technicians will have direction from the veterinarian treating the pet's infection. They will discuss prescriptions shampoo, mousse, cleansers, and grooming approach to avoid a stressful or painful event. All medications will be discussed and directions on how to use will be explained on discharge. If parasite prevention is needed we can discuss which product will be best for your pet and dispense what you may need.

Nail and Paw care

Overgrown nails can be very painful and cause numerous health problems. Overgrown nails will curl, causing dogs to walk on misaligned pads and experience joint pain. Smaller size pet's (cats, rats, bunny etc) nails can grow into their paw pads, cause pain and infection. Unmanaged nails can get bacterial infections, split/break easily and bleed. Some pets may need dremeling to help reduce and control the length on quick growing nails verses nail clipping. The technician can explain the process of dremeling and make a plan so you can understand how it dremeling can redirect healthy growth. 


We also offer the following basic needs as a technician appointment at Hickory Veterinary and Specialty Hospital. 

  • sanitary shave (shaving rear areas)
  • nail trim
  • ear hair plucking
  • ear cleaning
  • baths
  • anal gland expression

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