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The medical science that studies cancer in animals is called veterinary oncology. Cancer refers to a group of diseases in which abnormal cells grow without control, invade surrounding tissues and ultimately spread to other organs throughout the body.

OncologyCaring for pets diagnosed with cancer will require not only a well trained and dedicated veterinary team who understands both the medical and emotional aspect of cancer but also a well informed pet owner who actively participates in the treatment process. Treatment may involve surgery, chemotherapy or a combination of both.

Dr Stacy Binstock, our boarded oncologist, will discuss different treatment options, concerns of chemotherapy, and expected prognosis for many different neoplasias. Our goal is not only to extend your pet’s life, but ensure that the quality of his life improves as well.

From diagnosing to staging to treating, we have the tools necessary to provide you and your pet the most complete care. Our diagnostic equipment includes x-rays, ultrasound, and in-house bloodwork. Our staff is skilled in bone marrow aspirates and tissue biopsies. We have the tools and support staff necessary to provide chemotherapy for many neoplasias, including lymphosarcoma, multiple myeloma, osteosarcoma and others. We always welcome questions from local veterinarians, and will work in conjunction with them to provide the most optimal care.

Hickory always has a doctor on staff to answer any chemotherapy related concerns, especially concerns about side effects; and to provide supportive therapy or hospitalization when needed.

Our surgical staff is also available to do incisional biopsies, tumor removals (external and internal), and limb amputations. Follow up chemotherapy may be provided in some cases where applicable. You and your pet will be guided through these options so that post surgical therapy can be delivered in a most beneficial way.

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