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All too often, collars or tags can be lost or broken when a pet becomes lost. Microchips provide a safe and effective permanent identification for your dog every day of his or her life. We currently recommend microchipping and do not offer tattoos.
The process of microchipping your dog is relatively pain free (a simple injection) and can be done at any office visit. Some pets may require a local anesthetic at the injection site. The chip is the size of a grain of rice and lasts for the life of the pet. Home Again offers a 24 hr, 365 days a year 1-800 telephone number to reunite microchipped animals with their owners. Home Again registers chips from dogs and cats, both mixed and purebred. The local SPCA’s are being given universal microchip readers to identify pets, which have been chipped by different companies.

We use the Home Again system which provides an antimigration capsule around the microchip to ensure it remains in the area injected for ease of identification by SPCA readers.

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